The Fickle Effect of the Economy on Educ…

The Fickle Effect of the Economy on Education

By Caroline ZamoraNew Mexico is ranked 50th in education according to the most recent Kids Count report.1 Moreover, we rank 38th in preschool attendance in children ages 3-4, 50th in fourth grade reading level, 47th in eighth grade reading level... Read more

Ahorrando dinero en Gasolina

Ahorrando dinero en Gasolina

Cuando conducimos en la ciudad o cuando hacemos viajes más largos, todos deseamos ahorrar dinero en la bomba de gasolina.Cualquiera sea la marca y modelo de su auto, el cálculo estimado de consumo de gasolina por milla recorrida es solamente... Read more

Coming late to the game: Easy retirement…

Coming late to the game: Easy retirement steps for late planners

So you’re on the verge of retiring and you haven’t even started planning. Here’s a short and easy list of steps to take to help you get started and put your mind at ease.Calculate your assets.Even if you haven’t saved... Read more

A Homeowner’s Story: My Unexpected Forec…

A Homeowner’s Story: My Unexpected Foreclosure Journey

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Life is a journey, not a destination.” That certainly describes my foreclosure journey.Ironically, the unexpected part of my journey would become the destination. It has been a long, hard road and one I never thought I’d... Read more

Al tiempo de morir

Al tiempo de morir

Nadie está preparado para morir. Pero si la muerte es lo más seguro, ¿Porqué es lo último que se nos ocurre planear? Cuando uno muere, la familia se queda con un lío de asuntos que resolver. Si uno no tiene... Read more

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