Making a little go a long way!

Water Conservation Program Coordinator for the City of Las Cruces, Leslie Kryder, says, “Las Cruces residents are to be commended for their water conservation efforts. The 2014 water usage per person per day is less than 167 gallons – a much lower rate than just 5 years ago.”

However, she notes, we can do better. One water use area that stands out like a sore thumb is summertime outdoor irrigation practices. Another is water waste.

Kryder says 50% of our drinking quality water is used on lawns and plantings during summer months. In an effort to assist residents in creating gorgeous green space, while reducing outdoor watering and lowering utility bills, Las Cruces Utilities offers a series of free Lush and Lean workshops very year featuring regional experts. 

This year, Lush and Lean workshops – teaching how to make a little water go a long way – continue until the end of May. The focus this year is on drip-irrigation and other water-saving irrigation systems that create lush plantings with a moderate amount of water.

You can find the complete list of upcoming Lush and Lean workshops at: and

Water waste is another area where we can do better! 

Water Wasting Prohibited: Water waste is prohibited in Las Cruces and the Utility service area. Water waste includes:

  • Allowing water to flow off your property onto the sidewalk or street
  • Washing impervious surfaces, such as sidewalks and driveways, with a hose
  • Washing a vehicle with a hose that does not have a functioning shutoff.
  • Overwatering that results in ponding on the site.

Kryder says there is no good way to estimate how much high quality drinking water is lost every year to broken sprinkler heads, cracked underground pipes or even leaking toilets – but one thing you can do is repair leaks you are aware of and report broken irrigation systems and other water waste when you see it!  

The number to call is 575-528-4444 – the Water Waste Hotline – available 24 hours a day.

And finally, remember that outdoor watering restrictions go into effect April 1, so remember to water only on allowed days and times, at most 3 times per week.

Between April 1st and September 30th outdoor watering is allowed only before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m. on the following days:

Odd addresses:
Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday 
Even addresses:
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 

For more information, please contact Water Conservation Program Coordinator Leslie Kryder at 575.528.3549.

Spring 2015
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