Rearrange, Redecorate & Relax

Scented Candles are a great way to treat all your senses and add a pop of color. Pillar Candle: $2.99, Target. Emerald green is a strong trend for spring 2013. The pillow and throw added much needed color to this space. Tip: the “throw” is actually a Pashmina scarf! Pillow: $24.99, Pashmina: $14.99, both from Target. For added comfort and texture, use a foot stool. Foot rest pillow: $49.99, Target.

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Nature emerges around us effortlessly, full of color and freshness. If it were only so easy to refresh our home!

We all lead busy lives, full of rush and stress. And it is precisely because of today’s life style that we must find ways to slow down, relax and replenish our souls.

Carving out a relaxing corner in our homes will provide us with such opportunity. But, who has the time or the money? Well, with a little imagination you can re-use pieces you already have around your house and bring them together with a couple of added, inexpensive touches to create a space that will welcome you after a long day. A place for you to read your favorite book or magazine, enjoy a cup of tea or simply sit and relax.

All you need is a comfy chair, good lighting and a place to keep your reading materials at hand. Once you cover the basics, add your personal style through the use of pillows, throws, wall art, candles, and decorative items.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with furniture placement, color and décor. There is no right or wrong! Remember: this space is for you. Find what makes you happy, sit back and enjoy!

The purpose of this corner was undefined. The earthy colors were too muted. The space, while decorated, felt uninviting.

Succulent Centerpiece

Glass containers: $1.00 each, Dollar Tree. Pillar candles: $1.00 each, Dollar Tree. Succulent plants: $2.58 each, The Home Depot. Tealight candles: $1.00 (package of 8), Dollar Tree. Tealight candle holders: $1.00 (package of 2), Dollar Tree.

Planning a spring get-together?

This creative, easy and inexpensive idea for a nature inspired centerpiece will be the center of conversation among your guests.

All you need is three to five small glass containers, a variety of succulent plants and some planting soil. It is no surprise that succulent plants have become increasingly popular; they are beautiful, extremely resilient and they come in a variety of shapes and colors that can enhance any décor.

Plant a single succulent in each glass container and arrange over a mirror or plate you already have. Chances are you won’t even have to buy containers. This is the perfect opportunity to put all those mismatched glasses, vases and mason jars to good use! Use glass containers of different shapes and heights; they will add interest to your centerpiece.

For a final touch, add some candles. The warm light will bounce off the glass containers creating a beautiful glow in your table.

Tip: Once the party is over, you can give away the plants as favors to your guests. You can also use them to decorate different rooms in your house!

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