Versatile Vinegar

Vinegar has been used for thousands of years in a variety of capacities and has become an indispensible product in many homes. Because vinegar is a natural product, it is a non-toxic alternative to products with harsh chemicals that are potentially harmful to us and the environment. Typically, distilled white vinegar is used for cleaning while apple cider vinegar is used for recipes and health and beauty. Try these solutions and see if they work for you:

Cleaning with distilled white vinegar:

  • Easily dust mini blinds. Using a pair of white cotton gloves, dipped in one part water and one part vinegar mixture, run your fingers between each blind to clean both sides simultaneously. Rinse gloves regularly in the vinegar and repeat as necessary.
  • Dishcloths can actually spread germs and bacteria. Make a bacteria-killing spray for use in your kitchen, bathroom and your entire home by adding undiluted vinegar to a spray bottle. Spray the surface (like countertops, door handles and toilet seats) and wipe clean with paper towels.
  • If your garbage disposal has a foul odor, neutralize it with vinegar ice cubes. Fill a standard ice cube tray with undiluted vinegar. Throw a couple of ice cubes in the garbage disposal and allow it to run for a few seconds until the ice cubes have dissolved. Flush with cold water.
  • Adding a cup of undiluted vinegar to the final rinse cycle of your laundry will make your bright clothes brighter, prevent yellowing of whites, act as a fabric softener, reduces static cling and removes soap residue that makes your black clothes look dull.

Gardening with distilled white vinegar:

  • Pour undiluted vinegar between sidewalk cracks to prevent unwanted weeds. Repeat the process until they die.
  • Get rid of ants by spraying undiluted vinegar along doorway and windowsill or where you notice ants in your home. Also eliminate ant hills by pouring vinegar around them.
  • Clean rusty tools, spigots, nuts, bolts and screws by soaking them in full strength vinegar overnight.
  • Increase the acidity of soil by adding ¼ cup of vinegar to your watering can.

Health and beauty with apple cider vinegar:

  • For acne, make a mixture of one part vinegar to three parts water. Apply the mixture to your clean face with a cotton ball. Rinse face after 10 minutes and repeat up to three times a day. For severe acne leave overnight.
  • Apply full strength vinegar directly to ease the itching of insect bites and irritation of sunburns.
  • For sore throats gargle with a one part water and one part vinegar mixture of vinegar and warm water several times a day. Rinse mouth after gargling.
  • Eliminate dandruff by massaging your scalp with one part water and one part vinegar mixture after you have shampooed your hair. Put a shower cap on and leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse. Repeat two to three times a week.

The recommendations appearing in this article are suggestions only and should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Please use discretion and follow at your own risk.

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