Winter 2015: Editor's Note

Happy Ending and Beginning

Although I am a bit sad that yet another year has ended (mainly because that makes me a year older), I’m happy and very thankful for the blessing of being around to experience a new one. And with everything that the New Year might have to offer us in these next twelve months, let’s rejoice in the fact that, by God’s good grace, we really do have it in us to improve our own life and make this a year to remember.

One area we can all start with is our health. I’m not talking about dieting-to-fit-into-our-skinny jeans kind of health. I’m talking about checking-our-cholesterol-and-blood-pressure kind of health. What needs to change in 2015 for your health to improve? Perhaps it’s something that you need to get checked because the symptoms just don’t go way. Or maybe, you are healthy and it’s your spiritual health that’s in need. This issue of Tu Revista Latina is a Medical Edition and an excellent starting point for this new endeavor.

We included articles on topics such as Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease and Colorectal Cancer among others. The article, “The Affordable Care Act Turns Two,” on page 56, explains what the program is designed to do, what the goal of the program is and what you can do to get covered. The same article can be found in Spanish on page 10. Dr. David Barrera wrote an article for us on the trending topic of concussions. Found on page 46 “Concussions! What’s the big deal?” offers important information for parents, athletes and non-athletes alike. Our many interesting articles are not only about important health issues but also about the professionals that can help you reach your optimum health. For example, La Clinica de Familia has some pretty exciting plans in the horizon. The article, “Punta de lanza en salud comunitaria,” on page 58 (the English version is available on line) talks about their new location that is said to be ready by mid 2016 and where they will be able to offer 24-hour urgent care services. Another interesting story is the one about Dr. Orlando Gonzalez on page 32, who wears many hats but whose main purpose is helping his patients achieve longer, healthier lives. Then, on page 44, “A Different Take on Birthing,” is the story of Stephanie McNamara who is a unique midwife in Las Cruces that offers obstetrics and gynecology care as well as midwifery. She is a seasoned Certified Nurse Midwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and has an excellent track record of offering personalized one-on-one care.

With the good, the bad and the ugly of the past twelve months gone, this year we invite you to embrace the beauty of another chance. Another chance to do whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do; or not do whatever it is you know you should stop doing. Take the opportunity of this new year to re-new yourself. My wish for you this year is that it be filled with many more of God’s blessings including health, money and lots of love.